Best Payroll Apps for Small Business 2022

Are you looking for a decent payroll app for small business? You may be fed up with your old-school method of using excel. Manual pay rolling may bring your business to a naught. You may miss the direct deposits, screw up the taxes and mess up the paychecks.  What if we tell you a single software that can streamline your accounts and automate your payrolls?

Wouldn’t it be good to save some bucks by optimizing your payrolls? If that’s what you are looking for, then read this article. We are going to discuss the leading payroll apps for your small business. Stay with us!

Best Payroll Apps for Small Business to Brush off Accounts Burden

You now know the value these payroll apps can bring to your small businesses. It’s time to pick the right tool for the right use. You will like to see somebody who can watch your back when it comes to employee headaches. Due to enormous options, finding a tool that matches your requirements is painstaking.

Nonetheless, we have sorted out some amazing payroll apps for small business. These apps are the talk of the town. So don’t miss out on them if you want to get rid of the manual payrolls.

  • Quickbooks Payroll

  • Gusto

  • Fingercheck

  • Roll

  • Paychex

1. Quickbooks


Many business people know Quickbooks by virtue of its top-notch accounting services. It’s been in the market for quite a time. Those who have used it can trust its payroll service. So, it can be a smooth transition to this software if you’re into Quickbooks accounting. The important thing is it fits so well with the accounting app that can integrate with it. The auto payroll feature is there to entice you into buying this app.

Moreover, its sleek design and easy-to-understand functioning make it worth trying the app. So, the overall user-friendliness adds to the user experience. The system keeps reminding you about payrolls to keep you updated with the changes. An added advantage is tax filing and compliance. Now, you need not worry about the e-filing of your taxes as it does without any hassle.

You may find some glitches in the app that wouldn’t bother you until it functions well. Customer service plays an important role in retaining customers, where Quickbooks payrolls lag a little. Overall, it could be a great deal if it had a feature of employee permissions.

Unlike other apps, it doesn’t permit the employees to view their salary tabs and entries. With this app, you can get HR support and 401(k) plans. Coming towards the price, it starts from payroll core+quickbooks simple start for $37.5/month and goes upto $80/month.

2. Gusto

Starting as Zenpayroll, Gusto eventually scaled up to become one of the most favorite payroll apps for small businesses. Employers fear setting up payroll profiles. First, it’s difficult to deal with it and second, it takes a lot of time.

Gusto makes this process super simple with its user walk-through. You may love to get detailed help with demos and files. Unlike most competitors, It stands out in holding your hand to get you at home with the app. That’s probably one of the best things about this payroll app.

It doesn’t skimp on the top-notch features of pay rolling and HR. Furthermore, you will love to see some added features that make it a big name in the industry. You can hop on to the employee management features as it provides a holistic approach to dealing with your employees. Thus, it includes digital paystubs like gusto wallet apps that remain for a lifetime.

Moreover, dealing with a bulk of employees can pull hard on your nerves, providing a function to divide them into teams. You can track employees’ time and check out the tax valuations to be paid from a pool of integrations.

Thus, its advanced payroll options are a feast for small businesses. This all-in-one HR software comes with simple, plus and premium features. These start from$40/month and $6/month/person. This all goes up to $80/month+ $12/person/month.

3. Fingercheck

fingercheck-HR-software for-small-business

Startups often get into hiring hourly pay workers. It’s easy for them to pay low wages daily. However, the problem arises in calculating their salaries. No single payroll app focuses the hourly wages. Fingercheck comes out as a savvy tool to process hourly payments. You might think it is expensive to calculate hourly pay for many employees. Yes, you are right.

Each time you process, you pay charges. Nevertheless, this app covers unlimited pay processing without paying every time. It’s a one-stop solution for hourly payments. You have to pay for one time and rest you are good to go. Don’t forget to use the payroll financing option. Yes, you heard it right. Fingercheck blows the market with its exclusive feature of financing your payroll when you are thin on your cashflows.

Salaries of your employees are on the go. To rephrase it, your employees can get their salaries whenever they can without waiting for the month end. You can set up the protocols as you want. Similarly, it provides a debit card facility for the employees and contractors to get swift payments. If security is your preference, you can pay for it because it exclusively works to keep your data safe.

While it has mustered enough traction, some people find it hard to deal with this app. There are some reviews claiming the bad customer service and counter-intuitive user experience.

Although it has four different subscriptions, payroll comes with three of them. A small business starter can get onboarding, basic time tracking and payroll for $47 plus $8 per employee. However, you can use other packages depending on your need and the value you want for your business.

4. Roll by ADP

Powered by the biggest payroll managing company in the world, Roll gets the best traction from the market by default. Roll takes the lead in intuitive payroll options. It revolutionizes the industry with such an innovation that you will remain in awe to see it.

Its Roll app is one of the best examples of how user-friendly and, right off the bat, the drab and dreary payroll process can be. The simple yet powerful mobile app makes the whole process as easy as text messaging someone.

You can chat with the app to do the process. The best part? You don’t need to wait for the payroll process to complete. It completes the salary generation process in as little as time-consuming as 45 minutes.

Get unlimited payrolls, calculate and deduce the taxes, maintain and update the employee and contractors’ information, check with real-time AI bots, generate reports, and send salaries in less than a day. What else do you need in a single mobile app? It doesn’t require any training, and it’s proactive to send you daily stats and updates.

There aren’t any specific drawbacks, but some people find it too small to run their business. So, if you work with a huge enterprise, you better get another app. 

In addition, the limited integrations also limit getting in touch with a much wider audience. Get the three months free trial after starting; the charges go as $29/month plus $5 per employee.

5. Paychex


Paychex is one of the few payroll solutions with some of the best reviews. The main problem most people face using a payroll app is scaling. As their business grows, they find the need to scale their payrolling plans. Paychex gives an easy slide into many plans.

You can get your hand on four plans: Essentials, Flex Select, Flex Pro, and Flex Enterprise. These multiple options make it a deciding choice for business owners and entrepreneurs. As compared to other apps, Paychex prices are slightly higher. However, when it comes to its benefits, you can’t resist checking it out.

What’s its USP? Catering to thousands of businesses isn’t easy. Paychex does it well and provides services to more than 700,000 small to medium businesses. The reason is it’s all in one platform that serves as a complete arsenal to cater HR services to employees and contractors. On top of it, you get an updated compliance service for its users to keep them aware of any change in labor regulations.

Start with a free demo, and later if you find it useful, subscribe to premium packages. For Essentials, pay $39/month and $5/person. Other packages come with custom price settings.

Things to know Before Selecting a Payroll App

Many small businesses struggle to handle employee payrolls. As you start building your business, you find less time scaling up. Taking everything on their own, the business owners can’t find enough space to manage even trivial tasks. 

Employee payrolls are one of them. If you want to outsource your pay rolling, you should know some insider secrets. Making a savvy decision is important in this matter.

Instead of shooting arrows in the air, you need to know these points.

All-in-One Platform

Why bet on a simple and specific payroll tool when you can get more services at a low price? Yes, you heard it right. There are several options out there that go out of the way to provide you with some exquisite services. 

These features could be anything like giving HR services or managing some basic workflows. But, above all, your desired app should provide this one feature.It should give tailored services. As you know, every business has its specifications and workflow routines.

Depending on your firm’s size, it should give your customized payroll services. After all, that’s the first reason why you want such a service.


That’s probably the first thing that comes to mind if you run a startup. Needless to say, you want to cut down any costs you deem unnecessary. It’s all about taking savvy business decisions until it surpasses breakeven and becomes profitable. But, hold on. Isn’t choosing the right payroll app that squeezes the extra costs you pay to a CPA a good business decision?

Yes, of course. It actually saves you the overhead costs and optimizes your business if it’s in the budding phase. So, you need to find an app that resonates with your business valuation and fits your expenditures.

Data Security

It seems a not-so-obvious yet valuable metric for choosing the right payroll app. Internet is rampant with daily cyber attacks. It derails the credibility of outsourcing your data to a less-known company. Does it seem like a shady thing? 

Yes, you shouldn’t take it for granted. While choosing a web app, get your hands down on researching its security policy. Do they testify that your data will remain secure? If yes, then go for it.

Easy Usage

Your purchased app is good for nothing if no one can use it. Thus, it’s a wrong approach to go searching the market for a highly productive thing with extra loaded features. The app you choose should make sense to you. It should be designed for humans, not machines.

It will soon fall from your heart if it’s hard to use because it is counter-intuitive. Thus, user experience should be your prime focus. An intuitive interface with an eye-catching design is enough to call off your bets, provided it works properly.

Why it’s Important to Automate Our Payrolls?

Doing payroll for your company is much of a hassle. As you are a small business owner, your main focus is to cut down the expenses to a minimum. You can’t hire a professional accountant because it would drain your pockets. What else can you do?

  • You can’t dedicate your valuable hours to handling all employee accounts. 
  • Since, with all the technological advancements, you have to sign up for a payroll app.
  • These apps are super easy to use.
  • You can get your hands on the system with a learning curve right off the bat.
  • By the end of the day, you will save countless hours spent tinkering with the log entries that keep your mind going round and round.
  • Moreover, you can’t sit down for 12 hours or more to add deposits, calculate taxes and proceed with the paychecks.
  • Even if you somehow decide to put your efforts into maintaining the payrolls, you may commit blunders.
  • The odds are that you unknowingly miss out on some important data. Not to mention, it will be enough to cost you a hefty sum.
  • It feels like shooting yourself in the foot. Instead of falling into the pit of mistakes and errors, why can’t you purchase a reasonable payroll app?
  • There are a lot of service providers claiming to provide the best software. Some even have value-added features with them. 
  • The only problem you have to face is that you can’t waste your time testing each app.

That’s why we are here to do the heavy lifting for you. Below is the most remarkable payroll software collection.

In a Nutshell

A payroll app should be the first port of call for startups and small businesses. The reason is that they don’t want to spend heavy amounts on a CAP to maintain their payrolls. A single yet robust app can do everything within a fraction of money. It also saves their time and energy. It brings innovation and streamlines the employees’ salary process.

We have provided the best apps in the market for you. After reading, you can provide your valuable feedback.