Jobs for 12 year old's that pay

Perfect Jobs for 12 Year Olds that Pay (Online-Offline)

Looking for a job for 12 year olds that pay can be daunting. Your parents might be doing good, but you don’t have an awful lot to spend on yourself.

You may want to buy yourself a new PlayStation or the next cool gadget that you can show off to your friends. Also, you may want to become a bit more productive in the summer as your school ends. 

Whatever the reason, you can find a bunch of perfect jobs for 12 year olds in this article. The good news is that you can find some reasonable jobs that pay you enough for your age in your neighborhood. But, here is a caveat.

The US Labor department restricts doing certain jobs at your age. That doesn’t mean you can’t earn for yourself. Barring those, there is still plenty of space for you.

Go ahead and whirl through the employment learning curve. Just hop onto this article to find what’s suitable for your age.

Can You Legally do a Job at 12 Years of Age?

Legally do a Job at 12 Years

The answer is both yes and no. Child labour laws are strict in the USA. You can’t get some regular jobs at the age of 12. The reason is that the US labor department restricts employers from hiring youth younger than 14.

So, unless you become 14 years old, you can’t enter the traditional job market. However, FLSA states some unconventional jobs you can do even if you are less than 14.

Even if the labor department allows you, your state department may put a full stop to your endeavors. Before starting, you must know what kind of jobs your state allows. Child labour laws vary from state to state.

To find the minimum age requirements, you should visit your state department and learn the child labour rules.

Let’s find out what jobs you can do without fearing the labor department.

Offline Jobs for 12 Year Olds that Pay Some Bucks

As far as offline jobs are concerned, you can do plenty of stuff to pass your summer productively or earn some bucks for your pocket money. As you are on the fence about starting into the employment world, starting from your neighborhood is good.

You can run some errands around a few blocks and work around 4 to 5 hours to get a meager amount. It will help you stretch your job-related muscles and develop skills to work with an employer.

Also, you can use the experience of working with someone in your resume. Apart from that, you can stop wasting your free time and turn it into something that gives you a few bucks at the end of the day. So, why not bet on this?

These offline job options can help you get started with your job-finding journey.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting jobs for 12 year olds

Who wouldn’t love cute babies? They are no less than a blessing. If you love playing with children, then this gig can be a fit for you.

For 12 years old, babysitting can be a viable job option. If you can’t stand summer sweating, try day caring for small children in their homes. While your age is quite young for a professional babysitter, you can try this out to gain some experience.

As you start afresh, you should know what skills are a must-have for a babysitter. First, know what parents like in a babysitter. They trust you for their children while they are out of town.

So, you should behave like you know how to deal with children on your own. The secret to getting a babysitting errand is spending time with the children where you want to get your gig.

The parents will notice you, and you will develop trust with them. Then you can politely ask for your babysitting job.

If your proposal sits well, they will end up hiring you. There are also some portals where people post babysitting jobs daily. You can google it to find some for you.

2. Golf Caddying

Golf Caddying jobs for 12 year olds

You know that golf is a wealthy sport. Starting your career as a caddie can make you a better individual. It can even give you enormous exposure if you just want to run one errand or two. But there is a catch. You can’t get a caddie job in most states as they have restricted it to 13 years of age.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a job like that. But, before you approach a golf club for a job, give yourself some time till you know the basics of golf. You also should be aware of the legends of the game. Once you become confident enough, you should then play some golf around.

Then, you should visit a golf club where you can express yourself for the caddie job. Even at 12, they seek your confidence and want to know how things work.

You can earn between $10 to $30 per hour as a caddie. So, it’s pretty good money for a teen.

3. Tutoring Young Ones

Teens who are good at academics are the shining stars in their neighborhood. Other parents relate their successes to their children. You can go for tutoring jobs if you always get grace marks in your exams and are good at academics. You can easily get these errands in your neighborhood.

A 12 years old teen can do this job very well. Find what you’re best at and approach your neighbors.

Besides looking for jobs in your area, you can google it to find the respective sites that connect tutors with parents of the children. Usually, a teen tutor gets $10 to $15 for an hour of teaching.

4. Lawn Mowing and Gardening

Lawn Mowing and Gardening job for 12 year olds

Do you know nearly half of Americans have gardens and grow food in them? These facts speak volumes of gardening potential in the US.

It implies that you can find any garden having long grass and untended weeds. You can easily pitch yourself for the lawn mowing or gardening job.

It’s a fact that due to your age, you can’t use the run-on mower. Instead, you use the walk-behind lawn mower and cut your neighbors’ lawn grass for a few dollars.

Gardening activity is cool as you remain active while plucking out weeds and watering the plants. You remain energized and fulfilled in the greenery around you. Then what stops you from earning your pocket money from gardening and lawn mowing?

5. Dog Walking

There can be countless jobs for 12 years old that pay, but walking a dog is the easiest. Provided you love animals, especially dogs, and do not have any medical conditions or allergies.

Some children also have cynophobia. This job isn’t for you if you fear dogs for unknown reasons. Handling a canine or a small poodle isn’t much of a hassle.

You might also have a pet animal in your home. You can apply that pet-caring knowledge while you are on your job.

You can find such errands in households where older people live. As they don’t have much mobility, they are searching for some who can take their dogs on a walk. Besides, people got pets during the covid and still don’t have much time to care for them.

You can be a useful resource for them if you know how to deal with a dog. Plus, it earns you good money for a couple of hours.

6. Cleaning

Cleaning jobs for 12 year olds

Cleaning is part and parcel of every teen’s life. Once in a while, your mother would come to your room to see how tidy you have kept your room.

Every parent teaches their 12 years old about cleaning activities to foster good habits in them. Using cleaning as your skill, you can easily do the same for others that you do for yourself.

It’s not uncommon that houses need cleaning as they get dirty every day. The same goes for laundry, kitchens, and washrooms.

So, you can easily get this job if you approach anyone. People love to pay some bucks as they feel relieved from doing the tidying work themselves.

7. Acting/Modeling

Show business can be a full-fledged career for a young child who enters a saturated industry.

Among the jobs for 12 years, it can be the best fit for you if you love to perform in front of people. Some children are introverts. They dislike vast recognition. If you are not like them, you can try it.

At some point, you should discuss your tastes with your parents. Only your parents can decide whether you are fit for it or not. And if they feel you can go for it, they can search for different casting houses on your behalf.

You may create a portfolio to share with different companies looking for kid actors or models. Once things go well, you can get a chance to appear on tv or in some fashion shows.

Online Jobs for 12 Year Olds

The next generation is heading towards a new evolution. Your life in a flat in the most wonderful city of the world doesn’t matter if you aren’t on social media. Thus, virtual identity matters now.

It’s going to take over other jobs and occupations as well. You can be a part of this even if you are as young as 12.

Also, earning a few bucks isn’t a far cry if you hone a single skill in any digital field. Let’s find out some out-of-the-box job opportunities for you in the online world.

1. Creative Writing

Creative writing jobs for 12 years olds

Teens are pretty good thinkers. They see through untainted glasses as their worldview isn’t biased. Also, at 12 or more, they have a fresh mindset to think out-of-the-box ideas.

James Geary, in his book, states that children think in metaphors. They have an innate ability to relate two unrelated things to each other.

This ability can help a 12 year old to weave wonderful stories. Thus, creative writing can be a good match for you if you love to pen down your thoughts.

You can start your own blog where you can choose a niche and write content down. Initially, you might not have the domain hosting money. You can ask your parents about your interests and get the money.

Also, you may find some online platforms that pay writers for their stories. Initially, it may not provide you with a few dollars, but you can reap its benefits once your blog gets monetized.

2. Graphic Designing

Teens are much into digital craft on the internet. The widespread internet has made it possible for 12 year olds to sit in their small room and cash in on their graphic designing skill.

At this age, you may only know a little except logo designs. But that’s enough for you to start. You can hop on freelancing platforms to get some gigs.

Once those gigs get going, you can earn a reasonable income and expand your skill set. Logos are an essential part of the branding of every company. As digital marketing is booming, you will find a lot of work in this industry.

3. Photography

Cashing in on your photography passion can be a good venture for you. Unless you have a good camera and love to capture pictures, you can create your photography startup.

Tons of websites offer money in exchange for photos. You can upload your captured images on Shutterstock to earn on-and-off revenue.

Final Words

There can be many jobs for 12 years old that pay. Whether you are looking for an online or an offline job, you should first know what your strengths are.

If you can endure physical activity, you can go for offline jobs such as babysitting or gardening. On the other hand, if you like to do mental work, then online mediums can provide you with some best resources.

We hope that this article provides valuable job-related information for parents looking for their 12 years old. Also, as a teen, you can explore some options for yourself.