Best HR Software for Small Business 2022

Are you looking for the best HR software for small business? Because everyone wants a bona-fide solution to make their business successful. You indeed cant run your business in a smooth way towards success without having the best software for HR. You need to know which is the best software for HR.

As a small business owner, it will be very easy for you to work without HR, because it’s not as important as the rest of the business operating software which focuses on the revenue of your business.

Every businessman perceives that it’s not mandatory to have HR software for their business but they can’t neglect its substance. If you are also looking for the best human resources software for your small business then you are at the right location. Today we are going to discuss the best HR software in the market, so it’s going to be a very well-versed discussion for all of you stay tuned.

All of this software make the whole HR staff able to allocate their productivity and time. It manages all the tasks and the best thing is that your employees can record the time they spend during their working hours and the tabs which they will open including their activities also. The whole access will be in your control and you can have an eye on their details and can access your employee’s performance rate.

HR Software For Small Businesses

Following are the best HR software for small businesses which we will cover in this article. They have all that you need to get started. We will discuss the plenty of free tools for those small businesses which want the basics at no cost.

  • Bitrix 24
  • Open HMRS
  • Eddy 
  • HR.My 
  • Fingercheck 

Detailed View of The Best HR Software

Here we will discuss the detailed view of the best HR tools for small business, which will provide versatility in their features. If you want to use the premium features of these tools then you need to go for monthly subscriptions or any other payment methods.



It plays a very vital role to make any new business more elegant in different ways according to your needs. You can find 200+ templates on this platform which will allow you to send your data in many different formats. After getting registered with this you can open your files in many different formats like pie charts, line and bar graphs, and Gantt charts.

You can use its templates in many different ways like in recruiting, HR services, and onboarding to add some value to it. They will let you add some beauty to your work. You can use it in many other ways like managing external contracts, planning company events, tracking learning, developing, and tracking sales leads. also collects details and put them on the dashboard to remove all the wrong and repetitive management tasks. Furthermore, it enhances your system’s internal processing features like communication and productivity tools like google drive, slack, Linkedin, Outlook, Microsoft teams, Zapier, one Drive, and zoom.

It provides the basic features to the small-level companies and if they want to use its premium features then they have to pay for it their startup plans start from $8 per month with free 14 days trails.

2. Bitrix 24

It’s a web-based HR system specially made for small companies. It can provide you with many unique features which will make you able to work without your HR management team. These include attendance features, an employee dictionary, document management, and time. The self-service HR portal is one of our favorite features of Bitrix 24.

Your employees can use basic HR functions without wasting their time getting information from HR directly. Such as you set up workflows for business trip permissions and vocation requests.

The core features of Betrix are free to use but if you will go for its premium use then you have to pay $159 per month. All the plans are allowing unlimited users which can use them at the same time.

Following are the most engaging features of Bitrix 24: 

  • CRM

Contacts, invoices, leads, deals, webforms, sales automation, website widget, and sales reports.   

  • Collaboration

Telephony integrations, chats, voice and video calls, stream messages. 

  • Time management

Shared calendars, automatic summary, and calculation, work time.

3. Open HMRS


It is one of the best open-source human resources software having plenty of features useful for all the newly launched companies. All of its features are almost as same as the rest of the best software for HR. You can use all the basic features for your company without paying a single penny. You will find the features like attendance management, payroll, appraisals, vocations, and transfers.

You have noticed that all of the other best Software for HR are also following the same features. You will find a bit different in them. They are almost the same in functions but not all of them. Every single software provides a single unique feature that differentiates it from the rest of them. All of these tools are organized in a module that helps them to find the respective solutions for the given problems.

  • It is showing that you shouldn’t get bogged down with its functionality that is not concerned about your business a lot, you just need to focus on your work and the company’s progress. 
  • It is just organized its all the tools for your ease, and whenever you need any tool related to your issue you will easily get access to it in a better way.
  • You can add more features to it according to your ease and in this way, every tool will be approachable to you.
  • This is open-source for you to download for free in your system or any other server and manage for free.

4. Eddy

Eddy is one of the best software for HR and workable for all the small-level local businesses. It is specially made for local businesses and organizations, containing all in one feature.

With this software companies can manage, hire, and pay employees through easy-to-go functioning and onboard. It was introduced in 2017 by former basketball player Travis Hansen. This software got higher engagement because of its easy but powerful functions and focus on local businesses.

Its key features are tracking incoming candidates, a full scale applicant tracking system, and job posting management. That’s the reason behind calling it all in one HR software. You can create an ad for hiring candidates, and organize the applicant’s data for all of this hiring process for free.

5. HR.My

The noticeable thing about this HR software is its free-of-cost use for all of the new emerging companies. You can add as many new employees as you can get access to its features.

All of its storage is useful for all of you without any charges. Its cloud-based nature gives you an extra edge to get a login from any source and you shouldn’t worry about its update and security.

This free version of HR. Mine is add-free software which is a very unique feature that you will never be going to see in much best software for HR. You can also stop the ad view feature by contributing $5 to a crowdfunding campaign and will also get 3500 MBs of extra storage.

The software has all the respective HR features like payroll, generate pay slips, and bonuses. All of the above are extra features of this software and also contain all the respective features like the rest of the best software for HR contain.

Your employees will use its features like attendance management and using its basic functions without seeking help from their HR. because all of its features and functionalities are friendly to understand and use.

6. Fingercheck

fingercheck-HR-software for-small-business

Fingercheck is one of the best Software for HR containing all the unique features including, payroll processing, recruitment, expensive tracking software, and onboarding.

Any HR will tell you that onboarding is very crucial for employees’ success, and this is the exact point where Fingercheck excels. This software is well known for its onboarding sequence for new coming employees of your companies. It will help them to work in an organized way which can lead you to achieve your company goals.

The tool contains all the required documents needed for compliance. And you can do all the onboarding processes on your mobile devices without facing any hurdles. To use its extraordinary features all you need is a subscription of $8 per employee per month and a $39 subscription.

We will suggest to you that if your business is at the initial stage then you don’t need to pay because it will be costly for you and can take you towards financial troubles.

HR Software Key Features

You don’t need to spend a lot of money at the start of your business for the premium version of HR tools because it’s not crucially required for small businesses. You need to choose the best software for HR tools according to your business criteria because the right selection will be very serviceable for you.

This will make you able to get workforce management qualities without paying any extra charges.

  • Self-Service

This functionality will allow your employees to perform the basic level HR tasks independently. Such as they can generate pay stubs by themselves. In this way, your employees will get what they need in a very short time which will be time-saving for you. 

  • Payroll Computerization

It’s the most common HR function that all businesses have to deal with. This feature will let you know about the working hours of the employees and in this way, you will be able to make their paychecks and then process payments with a single click. 

  • Attendance Tracking

This feature will let you know who is completing his working hours and who isn’t then can set this timing directly with payroll features to automate payment. 

  • Onboarding and Offboarding

This is another useful feature through which you can make offboard and onboard automated workflows. You just need to make a list of the things which your employees need to make it done within the given time. Then they will be independent to perform their tasks. 

  • Hiring

If your small company is growing faster then you have to hire premium management features to make your business more efficient and successful. This will let you make job ads and post them on social media, application collection, and manage applicants.

HR Software Comparison Criteria

What you should look for when you select the best HR platform for your business? Following is our evaluation criteria. 

  • Usability

All HR software should be user-friendly so that everyone will be able to use them. Documentation and good customer support can make it happen. 

  • User Interface

It’s obligatory to have experience in using this software. Many best HR tools are easy to navigate on desktop or mobile.

  • Integration

You can integrate these tools with other tools to automate task management. Then it will simply add new people to itself automatically, you just need to add the first employee. 

  • Value of Investment

In the beginning, any small business will not be able to invest a lot of money in HR software solutions. Few of these tools which we will discuss are free of cost but few of them are not free you have to pay to use their premium-level features.

Summing Up

In our today’s discussion, we have covered all the best software for HR which are intended to list and can help you out if your business is at the initial stage. But if your company is at the upper level then you can go for their premium versions by paying their required charges.

After reading all of this information you will be able to understand which is the most appropriate and relevant best software for the HR system for your business. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money at the initial stage of your business, use all the basic level free features of these best HR software and wait for your turn. When your business will be able to bear these expenses and you feel to hire more employees for your office then just go for it.