Employee Tracking Software – The Best Solutions in 2022

Employee productivity is at the helm of a company’s success or failure. Managers find it hard to keep their employees busy with their work. That’s why they need effective employee tracking software. It’s difficult for a team leader to go to every desk one by one to check out the performance of the employees. Moreover, in a remote setting, it’s impossible to monitor your employees physically.

Companies set daily targets to meet their end goals and direct the employees to work on them. But, they often get distracted and lose track of time. On the flipside, bosses dislike remote work, due to the fear of their valuable data getting leaked and want to pursue tight security measures.

To solve both productivity and security problems, you need employee monitoring software. In this article, we will let you know the best tracking tools. Bear with us till the end.

Things to Keep in Mind While Getting an Employee Tracking Software

There are a lot of important things you should consider before buying a employee tracking software.


1. Cost

It wouldn’t be a sane habit to spend large sums on such software. It depends upon your budget.

Make sure to allocate the cost amount apart from other workflows of your business. You need to find the most economical tool considering your employee’s number.

2. Detailed Productivity Reports

Your software must contain detailed productivity insights. It shouldn’t be a mere attendance register, rather it must track the performance and convert it into metrics and graphs for better understanding.

3. Deep Employee Monitoring

If you are looking for software, more inclined toward data security, you need to find one that uses the latest tech or AI. It should anticipate the breach and alert you before any malicious activity takes place.

Best Employee Tracking Tools You Can Use

  • You cannot improve the performance of your employees unless you know what they are doing.
  • While you aren’t present physically near them, you cannot know how serious they seem to be in their work.
  • This brings us to the need for an employee tracking software that helps increase your company’s productivity.

1. Time Doctor

  • Imagine how great it would be if you get all the monitoring stats of your employees on one platform.
  • Time doctor is nothing short of your virtual HR that not only tracks the screen of your employees but also provides new features like creating payroll and tracking projects.
  • Depending upon your package, you can unravel features of your time doctor. Starting from the basic plan of $60/month, its packages go up to $200 user/month.
  • Its premium plan contains a host of features that makes tracking easy for you.
  • Maintaining attendance registers can be a hard task. They are often prone to errors. However, time doctor is a software that can help you know the attendance of your employees automatically.
  • Its real-time attendance tracker tells a lot of statistics that you can’t find manually. It tracks each second and at the end of the shift gives a report.
  • In this report, you can divide the absent, partially absent or present employees. For time doctor every second counts.
  • Manual shift creation is occupied with a lot of mental pain. You have to keep a lot of things in your mind. However, with this tracking software, you can add or delete as many teams in any shift as you can.
  • Now you can run as well as a monitor as many shifts as you can. Add the employees to different shifts and assign specific projects to them. Then track their performance.
  • It is also a screen monitoring software that takes screenshots of your screen randomly. This indicates the apps you opened or whatever the work you did. It also records your mouse or keyboard movement on the screen.
  • Email notifications are an interesting feature you may not see in other tracking tools. Being a manager, you still don’t have time to spend hours and hours monitoring each employee.
  • To come up with a solution, Time Doctor provides email notifications when any activity occurs. 
  • So that you can spend your time on other important issues.
  • Salaries are the most crucial part of an employer’s workflow. It takes a lot of time and effort to perform this cumbersome task. Nevertheless, now it has become easy with Time doctor.
  • You can get the automatic payrolls from this software. It records the working hours of each employee and formulates the salaries according to the fed formula.
  • This feature helps companies to pay freelancers working for hourly jobs without any hassle. Now increase your company’s productivity with Time Doctor.

2. Hubstaff

  • Hubstaff increases your small or medium enterprise productivity through key time tracking reports. Mainly, it’s an economical productivity tool that takes care of your employee management.
  • You can access Hubstaff for a single person at $7 user/month. Moreover, it also has plans for teams.
  • While using Hubstaff, your employees remain active and agile because this tool tracks their time and shows detailed reports at the end of the shift.
  • However, you can track their performance in real-time with Hubstaff. It takes screenshots every 10 mins and records mouse/keyboard use on each screen.
  • Most times, you forget to segment your employees according to their working shifts. They also do not know the exact time only to see a new timetable at the end.
  • It deeply affects the employee’s performance because they aren’t well prepared. However, this tool helps you to schedule the time before the start of the shift.
  • A feature that makes Hubstaff a class apart from other tracking software is its GPS tracker. In most remote jobs, the working hours remain volatile.
  • So, the companies need to track GPS to find out where their employees are. It becomes crucial to find whether they are doing the assigned work or someone else is doing their tasks.
  • Hubstaff also taps on your costs. Each employee’s timesheet also provides the money earned each hour. Thus, it helps in generating payrolls and invoices based on transparent employee tracking.
  • Thus, it is not a mere tracking tool, it is software used to reduce hurdles in the company’s workflows.

3. Teramind

  • When it comes to strict employee activity tracking, Teramind has no competition at all. It is designed while keeping in mind top-notch productivity levels on the employee side.
  • You know that remote work is in vogue as its surging popularity is a contention for most businesses. With more and more employees shifting to remote work, it’s more than usual to lose track of their productivity.
  • So, the idea of employee policing is getting more important than ever. Teramind came out with the best solution to this problem.
  • While its competitors only focus on taking screenshots of employees’ screens, it goes a step further. You can use this software to even record live video calls, and create video sessions of any employee activity.
  • The tracking feature doesn’t stop here, you can now record audios of any voice coming out of employees’ systems. This feature helps BPOs to understand how marketing personnel are selling their products.
  •  Apart from taking care of organizational productivity, this software has some special features that make it the best one in the market.
  • For instance, the concepts of insider fraud or data loss management. These ideas do not seem to have any connection with a typical employee tracking software.
  • Teramind has the upper hand over other software in its industry in protecting data and avoiding any insider fraud. You cannot trust anyone with the company’s important data.
  • That’s why you need Teramind which monitors file sharing across employee computers and blocks the mediums to which the file gets shared.
  • In a nutshell, Teramind is all in one monitoring and employee tracking software that not only focuses on monitoring but also on compliance and security.

4. ActivTrak

  • While most employee productivity software focuses more on general productivity, ActivTrak brings some innovation to your employees’ performance.
  • It works as a virtual office. It not only monitors daily workflows but also suggests valuable insights to your employees.
  • It’s good news for small business owners that ActivTrak is available at very affordable rates. If you are a single user obsessed with your performance, you can use it for free.
  • However, its price ranges from $9 to $15 or more, depending upon the size of a company. 
  • Its usual time tracking feature shows how much each employee spends time and how good or bad they are in their productivity. Apart from that, it also helps you benchmark productivity goals.
  • In this way, you can track each employee’s efficiency concerning that benchmark.
  • The story doesn’t stop there. Your employees can get automated coaching to improve themselves. This software analyses your work habits and suggests some important tips to tweak their behaviors.
  • Now you can see all their important stats regarding your employees on one screen. You can analyze these metrics concerning one another, thanks to the dashboard feature of ActivTrak.

5. DeskTime

  • It is one of the most simple yet affordable tracking software that catalyzes the productivity of your employees in many ways.
  • You cannot let loose your employee and trust them blindly. They might be relaxing in your absence. The only way to create your presence is through DeskTime.
  • You can mark their attendance with the auto time tracker and see what your employees do in real time. It stores the screenshots of their screens.
  • To boost their efficiency, they can set the Pomodoro timer. This feature divides the work-life balance, gives a rest slot, and boosts creativity.
  • While discussing DeskTime, we can’t forget the invoicing and payroll feature. When most organizations focus less on time-oriented salaries, you can choose to pay your employees based on their performance.
  • No doubt, this tracking software provides detailed insights about individual employees, but that is not enough. You always need to know how a team performed on a project task.
  • How many hours do they spend doing their tasks?  How average does each member contribute to the project? These and many other questions are important to build a dream team for your next projects.

6. Veriato

  • The remote work environment has witnessed an increase in data breaches. Employers fear such insider frauds more than ever.
  • With that in mind, Veriato comes as the perfect monitoring tool for your employees. AI has made our lives much easier nowadays.
  • That’s why we see highly efficient software like Veriato. It uses machine learning algorithms to monitor as well as anticipate any data leakage on the employee side.
  • It automatically shuts any data transfer from outside the computer to various channels like emails, social media, cloud drives, etc.
  • Now you can catch the smallest discrepancy on the part of your employees through this employee tracking software.
  • Its AI-powered algorithms are so fast that whenever any out of policy activity happens, it immediately sends an email to the concerning company and records a video of the problem.
  • One thing you need to know about Veriato is that it doesn’t lag behind any other software in ensuring productivity.
  • Like others, it also has time tracking options. It also shows the performance of each employee.

Wrapping Up

Employee tracking software has never been so important before. There are a plethora of reasons behind using this software. Primarily, it deals with increasing a company’s performance. Now, we know the overall performance of an organization depends upon how well its employees perform.

In remote work or in a company where massive employees work together, a manager can’t keep track of the individual performance. So, they need employee tracking software.

On the other hand, employers are concerned with the company’s confidential data. To avoid any data loss, they use such tracking tools to monitor each employee. Let’s say an individual downloads some project ideas of the company and sells them to its competitors. The company will meet its fate then. To prevent such losses, you use employee tracking software.