The Powerful List of Digital Marketing Statistics 2022

You have already familiar with many digital marketing statistics. All of them will not suitable for you, that’s the central tactic to chose the right one for you. If you are looking for digital marketing facts and figures then you are at the right place where we will introduce you to the best and easy-to-go.

You can take your business towards green signals by using all of these statistics so stay tuned.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an online strategy to target an audience to turn them into paying customers for a service. This type of marketing uses digital channels to connect with prospective customers. Digital marketing statistics will surely be going to tell you how it’s getting successful with time. Digital Marketers hit the specific audience according to their company and products to sell their ideas and products to earn money.

If you want to know that which styles this market includes, we have gathered a list of the best channels through which this type of marketing is used to advertise:

  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Pay Per Click 
  • Native Advertising
  • Affiliate Market 
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Online PR

We hope that now you have a better understanding of digital marketing, let’s have a look at how it is helping you to grow your business.

List of Digital Marketing Statistics 2022


Following is the ultimate list of digital marketing statistics for 2022:

1. Email Marketing Statistics

You can’t deny the importance and the success of email marketing, by spending $1 on average you will get $44 in return. Everyone is focusing on this online business because of its huge success in trending online businesses.

Lets See Some Interesting Stats of Email Marketing:

  • Email marketing has an average of 4400% ROI 
  • Another type of welcome email has an average rate of 82% 
  • 102.6 trillion emails are received and sent per year and it’s rising each year 
  • The majority of emails are sent and received by mobile devices.
  • According to the report, 54% of emails are taken as spam
  • Mobile phone users are also getting much more attached to mail and they are enhancing the use of this device for sending and receiving emails 
  • Almost every company or organization uses emails to send their documents, letters, and the rest of the things
  • According to 74% of marketers, targeted personalization is the best source to increase customers
  • 95% of companies are using email as a source to organize their dealings
  • According to open rates, 27% of emails are related to hobbies
  • 49% of customers are satisfied with its performance and they love to receive emails related to different offers from their favorite brands. 
  •  Personalized brands are performing their best but only 30% of brands are using them 
  • Almost 60% of users love to give their emails to their favorite brands to get notified about different brands
  • The promotional emails are enhancing respective businesses’ value and selling at large scale 
  • 50% of the small brands use emails as campaigns to promote their business at a vast level 
  • When the companies asked about GDPR, almost 88% of consumers feel easy to share their personal information 
  • The majority of us used to check emails before doing anything

This was deeply knowledgeable information all about email marketing statistics.

2. Social Selling Statistics

Digital Marketing statistics will tell you how social selling is setting trends in online marketing. Social networking is one incredible medium to improve sales results.

All the newly launched brands and other companies are using this type of selling to get more customers and in this way, they are expanding their business also.

Following are the key points about social selling statistics:

  • 78% of the people are using the social media platform rather than their peers 
  • 98 % of sales are happening because of social selling on different platforms on social media
  • The outbound selling strategies are performing 2.5% as compared with social selling 
  • IBM boosted sales at 400%
  • There are 1.5 billion social media selling users worldwide 
  • The outbound sellers do not get much attention from the customers, at first they research all the things which they want to sell
  • 55% of buyers research their favorite companies and brands through social media
  • Most brands and service provider organizations prioritize their social media for their promotions
  • 90% sales persons choose social selling strategies to sell their products   
  • 84% of people like to buy through different social media platforms 
  • Social selling allows you to make a deeper connection with your clients which will be workable for both of you in the long term

3. Lead Nurturing Statistics

The best thing about digital marketing statistics is that you can get noticed about your business anytime without any external issues. The lead nurturing statistics will let you know how high your business scale is going.

It will also lead you towards the interested audience which is engaging with your services and in this way, you will be able to turn them into paying customers.

Following are the key point of Lead Nurturing Stats:

  • 45% of businesses send at least 1 mail per week 
  • More than 35% of the marketers have established a lead nurturing strategy for the betterment of their businesses
  • Almost 63% of sellers take it as a challenge to derive traffic and generate leads at a large scale 
  • According to the Lead Nurturing Statistics report, 40 to 70% of qualified leads are not ready to buy 
  • If you will attend the webinars to learn new strategies about statics of online marketing then you can become leads 
  • You will see that almost 80% of leads will never convert into sales 
  • According to 66% of people, email nurturing is the best way to re-engage leads.

4. E-Commerce Statistics

You can’t even think about the digital marketing statistics of any business without taking eCommerce statistics as a vital part of this marketing. eCommerce takes place electronically over the internet and continues to grow like crazy.

Lets see Some interesting points of E-commerce Stats:

  • In 2018 at a global level 28% of sales were eCommerce sales
  • After deep research, 43% of traffic comes from Google searches 
  • With time, the number of PayPal users is increasing day by day. According to the research 286 million plus active PayPal users  
  • 65% of people research mobile prices through online platforms rather than visiting stores physically
  • You can convert 2% of users into your email subscribers 
  • Each US consumer spends almost $1800 per year on eCommerce 
  • In 2017 44% of eCommerce sales took place only on Amazon 
  • Conversational marketing is also playing a vital role and 82% of users expect to get a reply as soon as possible via live chat

5. Mobile Commerce Statistics

It is also known as mCommerce which refers to the use of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones for purchasing online products. This is the most convenient way of shopping for the retailers and the customers too. 

Almost every online activity is dealt with with the help of mobile phones. That’s the central reason behind the success of mCommerce in the current period. All the people carry mobile devices with them all the time so, it will be helpful for them to buy your products by getting that easy access.

Here are some interesting points of Mobile Commerce Stats:

  • Every single person used to carry a mobile phone in this period 
  • They spend 4 hours every day on mobile devices 
  • 51% of mobile dealers are selling their mobile phones through social marketing 
  • 93% of deals are happening through mobile phones 
  • During the 2017 holidays, people buy almost all the things, and cell phones online stores
  • iPhone users spend more compared to Android users

6. Social Proof Statistics

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon that helps you to improve your brands and businesses including with tactics of conversion rates. The dealing, conversation, and behavior with clients will build a stronger relationship.

First, you need to know what social proof statistics are and how to use this strategy in the best possible way. Because if you want to enhance your business and build an unbreakable bond with your consumers then at first you should know how to do it.

Here are some Social Proof Stats:

  • 81% of consumers trust their friends and family more than their business 
  • 90% of people buy things by reading reviews on different online shopping platforms
  • Customer case studies are taken as the best content marketing tactics for increasing your business
  • Product reviews play a vital role in building the trust of the clients in your product or service 
  • 70% of people read customers’ reviews before buying any product

7. Email Subject Line Statistics

Emails without subjects have an open rate of 8% more as compared to emails with subjects. On the other hand, the personalized subject lines are 22% open.

Lets see some informative Email Subject Line stats:

  • 47% of marketers try different sources to enhance their email performances
  • Personalized subject lines are 22% open
  • According to 70% of marketers, the emails sent by persons perform more than those emails sent by the brands
  • 56% percent of emails sent with emojis from brands perform more than without emoji emails

8. SEO Statistics

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to enhance your business through online promotions if it is done correctly. Its cost will be very cheap and manageable according to your budget.

Through SEO you can attract highly qualified visitors to your websites through search engine optimization. And that’s the reason behind the success and trust in SEO that people choose this to increase the traffic on their websites.

Following are some interesting stats about SEO: 

  • According to 72% of marketers, content creation is best for SEO tactics 
  • In every second 77,000 people search on google
  • The 50% of searches are of 4 words

9. Online Shopping Statistics

Online shopping is becoming a common trend, almost every single store is providing their products through their online stores to their customers because people buy so much in their lives and they don’t have much time to visit shops, they just pick up their cell phone and order whatever they want.

Here are some interesting stats about Online Shopping:

  • According to research, 65% of men spend more money as compared to women 
  • 1.66 billion people buy things through online shopping
  • Not all small businesses have online shopping stores

10. Marketing Statics

The new digital marketing statistics are much better than the traditional statistics.

Following are a few key facts about digital and traditional marketing statistics:

  • Companies’ blogs help a lot to get 55% more traffic 
  • 70% of customers approach the respective companies through their blogs 
  • Digital marketing is much better than traditional marketing. If your video will get viral then you can do more promotions without paying any extra money.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Now the question is why is digital marketing important today? Following are the benefits of this market and the root causes behind its success also:


1. Global Reach

Online Business costs very less and hits the target audience even outside the country also.

2. Measurable Outputs

Efforts in this online marketing are much better than traditional marketing because you can track the whole record through new analytical tools. These tools can help with Form analytics or google analytics. 

3. Lower Cost

Online marketing is much better and cheaper than traditional marketing. It will also help you to know about the exact target audience to which you need to get attached to your product or service. Although in traditional marketing you are not sure whether the targeted audience is interested in your product or not. 

4. Viral Content

In online marketing, there are always possibilities that your products can get viral and a massive audience will get attached to your product or service in this way, you will not pay for the further enhancement in an advertisement by itself. 

5. More Competition

 Competition is so important in any field for your grooming. Everyone is very familiar that all the brands are providing their products on online platforms.

6. Personalization

Another best thing about digital marketing is that you can search for the people who are interested in your product and in this way you can target only the interested ones. But in traditional marketing, you don’t know which audience is interested in your service.


Digital marketing is a strategic way to convert the targeted audience into paying customers. In this strategy, the brands and companies target the audience according to their interest in their products. This is far better than the traditional selling methods, in which sellers don’t have any idea which audience is interested in their product and services and which isn’t.

Digital marketing statistics have a lot of benefits which are quite enough to enhance your business in many ways, and you will also stay ahead of the competition and will provide the best quality services and products to your customers to win their trust. We have shortlisted some prominent digital marketing strategies to make you able to learn more about this marketing strategy.