Best Job Sites UK For Employees in 2022

The best UK job sites are a great way to find new opportunities in your desired field, and they make it easy too! Now the question is Are you struggling to find your dream job? Are you stuck in a rut, and despite applying for jobs, you get nowhere? The fear of losing your current job keeps you awake as your company may downsize in a couple of months.

Maybe you are just starting afresh, getting out of college with the belief to conquer the world. The current UK job industry tells a different story. When the applicants outnumber vacancies 5 to 1, it’s harder to stand out in the recruiter’s eyes. Even after beefing up your CV, you can’t expect the recruiters to knock at your door.

To add insult to injury, the typical job boards show a picture of a jampacked station with tons of passengers vying to get the best seat on the train. What if we tell you some legit best UK job sites where you can show up to land some quality roles? Yes, you need not go into despair anymore.

This article concerns tested and verified UK job portal waiting for fresh talents and experienced employees. Look at this article, and we will show you some of the problems you face and solutions for them.

Authentic Job Sites UK for Employees

There are a lot of authentic  job sites active in the UK. You never know which one could be the best fit for you. With many shady job boards hiring recruitment agents to bring job seekers on board, it further confuses your mind about choosing one.

You might be interested in UK job boards but still desire to hop on remote or international jobs. In that case, you can use these platforms to diversify your job hunt. We have devoured a long list of UK job sites and chose a handful of them to find which one suits you the best.

Let’s find some of the best job sites UK and make your job-finding journey seamless.

List of Best Job Sites UK

Following the top UK job sites :

  1. CV-Library
  2. Indeed
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Reed
  5. Adzuna

1. CV-Library


When it comes to the best job sites in the UK, the CV library leads the list. With more than two hundred thousand live UK jobs right now, it comes to the most loved job boards for recruiters. You might be interested to know how much the employees love this job board. Unsurprisingly, CV Library has a huge database housing more than 17.8 million CVs.

It means people trust this website and showcase their CV to get a job. They have worked on problems faced by recruiters and job seekers alike. To fill the gap between them and to provide ease of application, the CV library removes unnecessary steps.

Through its ATS system, job hunting becomes a hassle-free task. You can get emails directly to your inbox, where you can apply with a single click. The redirecting algorithm is a bonus for you and employers alike. If, for some reason, you leave the application halfway, you can catch up later through retargeting.

The hiring manager will learn about you and target you again. With its simplistic registration, you can create your profile, upload your cv, add you are relevant details, and showcase your skills to stand out.

You can shift your profile to the top list of candidates with the premium package. It will cost you £9.99 per month.

They got a 4.8-star rating with 82% reviews of 5 stars on Trustpilot. CV library is one of the most trusted recruitment dashboards in the UK.

2. Indeed


Just like Google, Indeed is a search engine for jobs. Amassing more than 250 million unique visitors every month, this job board gets the best traction in the world. Rony Kahan, the Indeed co-founder, was inspired by Google search and modelled it for job listings.

They help job seekers get the jobs of their choice. You can register yourself on the platform, freely access millions of jobs posted every day, enlist your CVs and find registered companies. It’s not the old-school job site; it aggregates new openings from all over the internet and categorizes them into their disciplines.

When you set your job alerts, it sends your daily job updates through the mail. You can search for the job and toggle the search options like location, job type and duration (part-time/ full-time/remote). Those bothered by the ATS and the bots need not worry as Indeed provides a built-in resume builder. This tool helps you create a CV. You need to put all the required information in it. You can automate your applications through this resume builder,

Not to mention, its salary comparison tool is just a cherry on the cake. Apart from its fully loaded features, you can compare the salaries regarding the areas to get an insight into what you should demand.

This sleek and simple job site should be a part of your dream job hunt. It’s free for employees to search and apply for as many jobs as possible.

3. LinkedIn


It’s more than just a typical job board. Reid Hoffman, the father of LinkedIn, exploited the biggest opportunity to connect professionals. Learning from the experience of social networking sites, he incorporated the networking model into a job recruitment platform.

Then came the perfect blend of socializing along with hiring or getting hired. Today, more than 300 million active users post and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. Millions of job seekers get jobs in 58 million listed companies on this networking platform. It can be the best choice for you due to its 30 million active users only in the UK. It takes enough traction because it has more than one way to land a job.

Like typical job boards, you can set up your profile, put the right information and turn on the job alerts to get instant job reporting in your inbox. On the other hand, you can create a good network, interact with other posts, and provide value through your posts. That way, your profile gets noticed by employers, and they come along knocking at your doors.

Since you need to keep improving your craft, you can keep your learning game up with the LinkedIn learning platform. Moreover, you can showcase your badges and certifications to impress the recruiters and entice them into connecting with you.

Creating an account on LinkedIn is free of cost. However, you can get the premium packages to get an edge on ordinary members.

4. Reed


Every 24 hours, Reed adds thousands of jobs to its job listing. So, technically it’s the fastest moving job platform in the UK. Reed was launched in 1995, making it the oldest job search platform for UK citizens. Their mission is to bring your favorite to you. That’s why they want you to love your Mondays.

Reed stops you from regretting any missed opportunity by bringing the best opportunities in your inbox. Its algorithms assess your previous search history and customize the best-matched jobs for you. Get the recent updates from your mobile, desktop or anytime, anywhere.

You will find every reason to hop on to its app. Nearly 2 million people have downloaded this app. The best thing is it’s free of cost. Download the app, and set up your profile in seconds.If you find it hard to prepare for your interviews or want to know some insider secrets to stand out to the recruiters, then Reed has everything for you. Its knowledge base helps you master your hiring skills.

Moreover, you won’t get a huge library of courses by leading tech worldwide. Get the accredited courses at a discounted rate and excel in your field now.

5. Adzuna

Adzuna is every job seeker’s choice looking for some top-notch job matches. It’s more like a search engine than a usual job listing. With the power of data, you can trigger your careers with real-time job stats and hiring trends. Based on the data points collected from many sources, Adzuna gives you the most tailed estimates.

For instance, if you can’t figure out the salary of your prospective job, you can use this tool to get a close estimate. Now diversify your job search with a lot of filters. First, start with the basic filters of location and fields, then move on to advanced filters like keyword-based search.

This narrows down to the most targeted results depending on the job openings. It gathers all the new jobs, so you don’t expect to apply directly through this platform.

Unlike other job aggregators, it doesn’t spam your mail inbox with unnecessary job alerts. That’s why most people prefer using this cool job site. The high-end algorithms make it a worth considering job search platform for every individual in the UK.

Applying Problems Through Job Sites in the UK

The current job market in the UK is another sad story since the pandemic. But the unemployment rate steadily decreased as the country went through a labour shortage.

  • There are millions of job vacancies, and there aren’t enough workers for the first time. Partly, due to Brexit and Covid-19, many people left Britain for their homes.
  • The National Statistics says the unemployment rate has increased to 3.8%. It’s high time to make a job shift or set the career pedestal higher than before.
  • But here is a catch! The job hunting journey is full of hurdles you end up getting exhausted. Let’s find out the problems you can face while finding a job on websites.
  • You may find job hunting such a demoralizing chore that you decide to leave those job boards and never look back.
  • The main problem is their mechanism. Hiring managers take the time to scan through all the applications.
  • It is hard to go through hundreds of applications manually and then sort them out for interviews.
  • When they’re short on time, it adds a different pressure on them. So, to get their work down, they skim through the CVs and choose the applicants that applied earlier than others.
  • That’s why your CV remains redundant down the line somewhere below. Even if you are more skillful, you can’t get a breakthrough.
  • You might be applying for jobs like mad recently with little to no success. There is another reason for that.
  •  Recruiters are bombarded with 100’s applications in split seconds. Instead of going through each one manually, they use screening tools like AI bots.
  • These resume previewers search for the job ad keywords in your CV and application. It seems ridiculous, but you won’t get an interview call if your resume doesn’t contain specific words.
  • You may also get fed up with the same email saying that we will not proceed with your application. Thanks for your time.
  • It squeezes the confidence out of you. The sad part is you don’t get the feedback, so you tweak your CV next time.
  • Imagine you muster your courage to sit for hours on your laptop. You applied for a dozen of jobs. But then nothing happens. You get crickets!
  • It seems like a war of attrition between you and the companies. Annoyingly, they tend to leave you in the dark if you aren’t successful.
  • Spammy email is another headache for job seekers. It’s often irritating to see different job notifications than your qualification or skills. It’s like apples to oranges.
  • Getting astronaut job openings notifications when you are a computer operator is good for nothing.
  • Still, there exist some job sites that will bring value to life you desire. You need to find them and make your profile. The rest lies in the hands of the algorithms.

Final Words

Among a plethora of job sites in the UK, only a handful of sites help you land your dream job. If you’ve tried hard to get a job but can’t make it, you must visit in these best job sites LinkedIn, Indeed, CV Library, Adzuna, and Reed.