Best Online CRM Software for Small Business Owners in 2022

Do you want to take control over your whole work process through a single software?  CRM software for small business is the best option for businesses. Security is needed to make everything sure, if you are not familiar with your employees and want to see that they are doing their jobs honestly or not then the security software is the only option for you.

Different security software has been instigated to take control over the system, the business owners can have an eye on their employees and can check their insights whenever they want. You can check the activity, work progress, and working hours of your employees.

Many software has been set in motion in recent days because of their higher stipulation. In the current period, CRM software is considered one of the most gravitating security software in the market, and we will cover all the respective aspects of it.

What is CRM Software?

CRM stands for Customer relationship management which helps you in managing all your interactions and relationships with customers. CRM software connects many different departments of your business and organizes their data into one cohesive system. In this way, every user will get direct access to the real-time client data they need.

CRM software is becoming a crucial part of small businesses to make them successful. By using this system you can provide your customers with something extraordinary by personalizing one-to-one customer journeys.

Before knowing its functionality you have to understand its history and how this whole system was created. Customer relationship management is built for small businesses to organize all of the notes, metrics, and activities of all the customers in a single cohesive system to make direct access for users to customers’ data.

In this world of competition, you have to build a reliable system on CRM. If you are thinking of growing your business without CRM then there are possibilities that you will face bad consequences. It has become the basic need of every newly launched business to grow systematically by organizing the customer’s data to get access in a single click.

Best Online CRM Software for Small Business

Following are the best online CRM software for the small business owners in 2022.

In the current period, these are the best online CRM software for the new small business owners to improve their performance in an organized way.

Zoho CRM

The best thing about this CRM software is that it can be easily customized according to the needs and capabilities of any business. It is the best option not only for newly emerging businesses but for real estate, insurance, healthcare, media, banking, restaurants, travel, non-profits, and freelancers to enhance their marketing, sales, and customer services.

Functions of Zoho CRM

Following are the key functions of Zoho CRM, which make it different from the rest of the CRM software:

  • B2B
  • B2C 
  • SMBs 
  • Enterprises


  • Zoho CRM enables B2B for managing accounts of those people who are in contact with us to stay up to date with reports, business deals, and payments.
  • It offers a proper platform to keep their vendors, partners, and other stakeholders stay connected.


  • Zoho CRM helps B2Cs to reach out to their customers in the best and easy possible way.
  • These companies have shorter life cycles that’s why they need a quick and direct source to interact with their customers.


  • These are not the small and medium companies but modern and smart businesses 
  • It’s just a myth that clouds CRM is expensive and complicated for SMBs companies
  • They can start working with CRM by using the free version of Zoho CRM 
  • The best thing about these companies is that Zoho CRM provides them a better level playing field in competition with the bigger players (companies).


  • Advanced features of CRM help them to save the time of their salesman. 
  • Provide a fast pitch to work with the flow. 
  • They can access the location of multiple geographic locations to enhance the productivity of the company and the number of customers.
Benefits of Zoho CRM
  • Efficient business process 
  • Boost sales 
  • Better customer satisfaction 
  • Mobile accessibility 
  • Tactical decision making 
  • Data security

Zendesk Sell

It is an SFA tool to increase processes, productivity, and organized visibility for the sales team. It’s the deepest SFA integration marketplace for all kinds of small and large-scale businesses.

Functions of Zendesk Sell
  • Increase revenue target 
  • Productivity tools 
  • Full customer view 
  • Email integration
  • Better customer experiences
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • Centralized platforms 
  • Pipeline visibility 
  • Accurate forecasting

It’s another CRM software including high activity timeline campaign source, phone calls, meetings, tasks, and emails. It creates a visible track that leads toward the right person.

Functions of Insightly CRM
  • It leads toward a clear track. 
  • It tracks the most relevant information. 
  • It includes a timeline activity of the best marketing campaign. source, meetings, phone calls, tasks, and emails.
  • It provides workflow automation. 
  • Send and track emails.

It helps to increase the business scale faster and puts refreshing business software in the safe hands of the enterprise. It’s a cloud CRM for your marketing teams and sales.

Functions of Freshsales
  • It fits your business.
  • It boosts team automation and efficiency. 
  • The best source of communication with your clients. 
  • You can have a 360-degree view of your customers. 
  • Automation of marketing efforts. 
  • Provides pipeline management  
  • Analytics

It works as an account- management tool with the quality to handle marketing and the entire sales process. The best thing about this CRM software is that it automatically organizes and tracks emails, calls, and all the schedules across devices.

Functions of Pipedrive CRM
  • Email marketing 
  • Phone solutions 
  • Proposal contracts 
  • Remote work 
  • Resource management 
  • Chatbots 
  • Invoicing and Accounting

This CRM is a tool for managing all the touch points with customers in the whole process of sales. The touch point could be direct and indirect in the sales rep and their leads.

Functions of SalesForce CRM
  • Opportunity management 
  • Quote management 
  • Quote to cash 
  • Contact management
  • Einstein analytics 
  • Salesforce for small business 
  • You can watch marketing activities 
  • Lead management 
  • It works for small businesses

We have covered all the best CRM software for small businesses in 2022 which are best to increase the number of customers, and the business scale by managing all the departments in an organized way.

You can choose any of them to increase your business from the ground level. The best thing about all of this CRM software is that they not only work for small businesses but also plays a crucial role in real estate and other large-scale businesses.

Benefits of Using A CRM

A customer relationship management system can benefit your business by helping you optimize, streamline, and centralize your connection with customers, and improve in these 6 areas.

  • For better knowledge of customers 
  • A better segmentation 
  • Improves Customer Retention 
  • Better prediction of needs 
  • Fast Communication 
  • Best for data privacy 

A CRM will improve your small business in these 6 areas and it will be a key point for you to make your business successful in a short period with proper collocation and planning.

1. For Better Knowledge of Customers

It may sound simple but the fact is, you have all of your customer’s information in a single contact in one place and that’s the thing that makes CRM the most powerful communication tool. Like a cheat sheet, the CRM system also gives your marketing, customer service, and sales team an advantage to get better in competition with the rest of the small and new emerging businesses in the market.

Not only do they know a contact’s email address, postal address, social media accounts, full name, telephone number, and websites, but also the position of the contact in the company, the language which they speak, and even their birthdays. That’s how CRM keeps all the required information of all the customers, to make a strong bond with them for a long-term relationship.

And the second most important thing about CRM is that you can save all the activities like projects, email exchange, invoices, live chat messages, and service requests of the contacts. It helps you for a better understanding of your customers, and what they want.

2. A Better Segmentation

In this advanced world, no one wants to do business with a faceless and anonymous audience, everyone wants to deal with an actual and genuine audience for real output. You can make it happen by segmenting contacts according to their interest to make them the target audience for your business. This is the only way that will help you to get the exact perfect audience for your business promotion.

And there is nothing out there that can do segmentation better than a CRM. So grab this opportunity to take your new business to the only best business ever. It also helps you to break down all the data of the customers according to their criteria and categories to make a perfect list of the exact audience according to your services and products.

Because if you will hit an audience that is not pretty much interested in your offers then it will be useless for you to spend time on them. That’s the exact point where you need CRM to categorize the audience according to their interest. When you get familiar with whom you are addressing then you can consciously tailor your tactics, your sales pitch, and your offer.

3. Improves Customer Retention

Apart from being a great source for nurturing your perspective, it is also the best tool for keeping all the existing and the new customers happy. It provides different benefits to the customers through different sources to make their bond strong with your organization.

Another best thing about this system is that it will automatically keep sending emails to your pre-existing customers to remind them of their connection with you, to those customers who are not in contact with you for a long time. CRM software for small businesses is an integral part to make them successful in the future. And this is the most amazing thing which you will never avail from any other system.

4. Better Prediction of Needs

  • We always feel confident when we are pretty sure about our expectations 
  • It will be easy for you to sell by knowing the customer’s buying habits. 
  • Through CRM the salespeople will sell more and faster by knowing the customers’ intentions and interests.
  • If you will get familiar with the customers buying history then it will be much easier for you to target them according to their interests and a better offer at the best time for them too
  • CRM system is best for providing great customer service for all the small businesses
  • Through this system, you can also get to know whether the customer is satisfied with your services or not and the problems which they are facing regarding your services.

5. Fast Communication

  • You show professionalism by responding to your customers as quickly as you can. 
  • Ready-to-use email templates will save you time. 
  • According to the customer’s service benchmark report, 90% of companies don’t use any kind of autoresponders for interaction with their clients.

6. Best for Data Privacy

  • According to EU regulation, the CRM software has inbuilt GDPR-related functionality. 
  • Another benefit of customer relationship management is that it will save your time as being GDPR compliant. 
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry. 
  • It will keep all of your client’s data safe and difficult to access for any third party. 
  • All of this data-saving process will work after the permission of your clients because it will be illegal if you will save their data without their permission.
  • If you go for a manual data-saving process then it would be time taking and very difficult for you to write down the data of hundreds of clients. 
  • CRM software for small businesses works as a key factor to make them feel safe and secure


At the initial stage of any business, we face different kinds of issues in managing and organizing all the data and customers’ contact information in a better way. For all the new emerging businesses there is a perfect solution to manage and organize the whole data in a much more efficient way and that is CRM software which is specially developed for the management of customer relationships to make it more engaging and efficient for the company. 

CRM Software helps you to keep your customers in touch and help them to get proper access to the management. Apart from this connection it saves all of the customer’s data and gives direct link access to its users.

Their users can access that whole data with a single click anytime whenever they want without facing any issues or delays. After deep and analytic research we have short-listed all of the above best CRM software for small businesses that can help you to grow the number of customers through proper email marketing and other methods of marketing and make your business successful.